Flame High Holiday Services

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Review From Nora

The Flame, is an open, accepting, warm and completely accessible religious experience. The congregants/participants come from a varied background, some with extensive knowledge and some with little to none. It is a place where all are welcomed and encouraged to participate, learn and have their own Jewish interaction with the text, with song, with praying in community. Readings are in English and Hebrew and the meaning and underlying message of the text is presented in a manner that all can understand and can find relevance in our personal lives.

Review from Sandy

Rabbi Mat's services and classes are 'open' to all. No prior knowledge required except be willing to participate, interact and learn. He is passionate about teaching the Flame's congregants how the holidays' themes resonate in our daily lives the entire year. We are a diverse group of Jews from all sects who become a 'community of one'. Soul searching, inspirational and... fun.

Review from Howard

I began learning with Rabbi Mat Hoffman about eight or nine years ago. Rabbi Mat (as everyone calls him) has been able to reconnect me to Judaism. He was able to accomplish this with a combination of a scholarly attention to detail, good humor, and a love for Judaism and Torah that has rubbed off on me. We have established a friendship as well as a consistent learning experience that I look forward to every week. Rabbi Mat has enabled me to not only understand Torah in a deeper way, but to apply its meaning to my way of thinking and my everyday life. I am very grateful to have had the opportunity to learn with Rabbi Mat and look forward to doing so for many years to come.

Review From Michael

The Flame, in my experience, combines what you want in a teacher, a rabbi, and a congregant sitting next to you as you study or pray.  I have experienced the sincere desire to meet every Jew where he or she is on the knowledge continuum, without any judgement, and the caring, humor, inquisitiveness, and intellectual honesty you want in the people you go to for answers to your questions.  The Flame has shown me that being Jewish means there are always people there to help you be as informed, as spiritual, as community-connected, 'as Jewish' as you want to be.   Michael