Our instructors come from all walks of life. They are educators, Rabbis and even lawyers.

Rabbi Bob Garber runs the Beginner’s Minyan at the Jewish Heritage Center in Queens, and runs Our Jewish Children to further Jewish education. Besides his law degree from Columbia University, he is pursuing a masters degree in education. He also does business and technical consulting and teaches high school.

Susie Garber
is the author of “Denver Dreams” a Jewish novel; and “Memorable Characters… Magnificent Stories”, a book on teaching writing (Scholastic). She is a reporter for Jewish newspapers, and teaches and consults in Jewish schools throughout the tri-state area.

Rabbi Meir Leibowitz
received rabbinical ordination and a Masters Degree in Jewish History from Yeshiva University. He currently teaches high school in Jewish schools in Queens.

Hillel Newerstein
teaches Bible and Talmud at Yeshiva Kesser Torah in Queens. He has a Masters Degree in counseling at Queens College. He previously studied at yeshivas in Israel and in New York.